ABEE'S Creamy+Crunchy COMBO (400g+400g)

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ABEE'S Creamy + Crunchy Peanut Butter


(Perfect Blend of taste)
Rs. 450/-  Rs. 299/- Only for 400g + 400g

Best for body builders for its high content in protein.

ABEE'S Regular Peanut Butter now contains less sugar compared to other peanut butter in market.
Get the best taste and enjoy the goodness of life....
*Money back guarantee if you don't like our product.... even the taste.... (^_^)

Shelf life: 24 months

Approved by FSSAI
Made with India's best of the best quality peanuts.

Did you know - ABEE'S peanut butter can also be used to thicken your Gravy/Curry in your "Subzi" food !!
ABEE'S peanut butter acts great in thickening your gravy and gives great taste too..... its like mixing your secret ingredient to thicken, just add 2 spoons and see the magic.

Few examples where you can use/try ABEE'S peanut butter:
- Dhosa
- With ice cream
- Cakes
- Biscuits (Parle-G or GoodDay)
- Dabeli
- Stuffed Chicken
- Peanut chutney (Grind in mixer equal amount of peanut butter with onion) use the paste with paratha, chips, dhosa, apple, etc...
- Peanut butter & Honey Roti Roll, A quick treat to kids (You may add banana slices too)

* Money back guarantee applicable only if complained raised withing 3-4 days after delivery with your review.

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