ABEE'S SugarFree Peanut Butter 340g pet jar

Product Code: SFCreamy, 340g
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ALL NEW PACK - Rs.190/- 

Best for body builders for its high content in protein.
Best for calorie conscious people because of its low calorie.
Also it is Diabetic friendly, contains no sugar but with same taste as regular peanut butter.

Enjoy India's first SugarFree Peanut Butter, Approved by FSSAI
Made with India's best of the best quality peanuts.

Did you know - ABEE'S peanut butter can also be used to thicken your Gravy/Curry in your "Subzi" food !!
ABEE'S peanut butter acts great in thickening your gravy and gives great taste too..... its like mixing your secret ingredient to thicken, just add 2 spoons and see the magic.  Contains no sugar, contains sucralose sweetener to balance the taste of sweetness but with zero calorie. So enjoy the only low calorie peanut butter of India with pride.

Enjoy India's first low calorie sugar free peanut butter from ABEE'S. Same great taste as reqular peanut butter filled with goodness of health. Contains sucralose as sweetener.

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